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Stylist Salon App

Stylist Salon App is available on the iOS and google play store as “Stylist Home Salon”. The app is for those willing to provide services to our customers and this includes but not limited to:

Salon owners who wants to re-organize their service delivery pattern so as to maintain professionalism and keep track of the revenue generated by the salon. The benefits to Salon owners include but not limited to:
  • Proper book keeping,

  • Revenue tracking,

  • Tracking of services delivered by each employed Stylist by the Salon owner

  • single point of contacts to customers through product offerings and service delivery

  • Control bookings by customers by reducing traffic in the salon, capabilities to inform customers and chat with them before hands

  • Salon owners can sell their items making it possible for customers to pay for both items and the services required.

  • Your money is guaranteed – No credit option from customers.

  • Coupons can be requested for customers to use for subsequent business transitions

  • You can control your availabilities by controlling your calendar

  •  You can control the gallery of your works and they are available to customers to review

  • See how much each stylist in a boot made a day

  • Enjoy home delivery services if activated (by choosing BOTH on the app)

  • Enjoy instance booking if online and available

Dowload the Stylist Salon App for IOS and Andriod

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Independent Stylists

Independent Stylists who wish to provide services at their availability. Some Stylists may want to continue to work 24/7 to make extra income after close of work while some customers may want to receive beauty services after close of work or during their break period. Whichever situation, you don’t need to own a Salon as a Stylist as far as you are a certified professional beauty stylist and you are approved by stylisthomes to deliver service to our client.

The experienced cosmetologists

The experienced cosmetologists or young professionals who are yet to have the capabilities own a shop can maintain an online and at home service delivery to customers. They can enjoy the capabilities of our instant booking services by going online on the app and the customers can instant book them for services. You don’t need to own a Salon to deliver service except when necessary.

Virtual Salons Providers

Virtual Salons Providers who are not willing to open a Salon and prefer to work from home. Customers can either come to you or you visit the Customers for services. And you can enjoy same privileges like the Salon owners as listed above.

Other beauty service providers

Other beauty service providers like fitness consultants, clothes alteration specialists to mention but a few. It’s an opportunity to register and have customers book your service.

* If your services are not listed, kindly send us an email to and let us have the update as soon as possible.

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