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Are you looking for a platform where professional stylists will take care of your beauty needs including hair, makeup, nails, tattoos and body for affordable prices, at your own time in your location 24 hours 365 days?
Do you want to book a Salon ahead of time to avoid waiting times at their location? Are you in need of certified company that will ensure 100% free membership with highly secured guaranteed service delivery? If yes, then this is the perfect place for you.

Being a client of StylistHomes, you will get

  • 1000s of beauty service stylists within your areas and competitive prices to choose from - and take advantage of stylists galleries of photos and reviews
  • -Home delivery service ensuring a variety of beauty and cosmetology services
  • You can book a salon ahead to avoid the long waiting queue
  • 5% is guaranteed work or no work each time you refer a customer or stylist
  • Fast access to the finest stylists in your city and beyond
  • Receive coupons from stylists to save money on purchases and much more without burning a hole in your pocket.

Why stylisthomes best?

Transparent pricing

See fixed prices before you book. No hidden charges.

Experts only

Our professionals are well trained and have on-job expertise.

Fully equipped

We bring everything needed to get the job done well.

100% Quality Assured

If you don’t love our service, we will make it right.

Request Service on Demand

Request a service at any time and on any day of the year. Use our instant booking by searching for service or salon and instant book! You will be notified immediately if service is accepted by the provider.

Book ahead and choose your stylist.

You can book any beauty service provider based on availability and you always have the option of choosing your prefer stylists if available. I bet some of us may want the same stylist attend to them if they did good work

Budget-friendly options

Compare prices on every kind of service, from daily to special evenings and choose wisely.

An easy way to rest !

Most importantly, do not sell or provider service if you’re feeling sick After a hard days job and you may want to attend a patty the next day, you may need someone to cut your hair, make you up, massage you, alter you cloths at your comfort, get into the app and book a provider!

Why use the Stylisthomes app as a Customer ?

+ Request Service on Demand
+ Book ahead and choose your stylist.
+ Budget-friendly options
+ An easy way to rest!
+ Save your time
+ Stop Spearding CoronaVirus
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